Sunday, December 23, 2012

SUGG MC: Constant Sorrow...(breakdowns of the -90's)

Broken chain-shit...(on my Tri; shouldn't this stuff happen only on bicycles? Wtf?!).

Broken Primary...(Henx Trimph...actually think Labbe did the deed).

Broken head gasket...(Jony just tore it apart and whipped it back toghether like others change the plugs).

Broken glasses...(Boba examined a stone a bit too close at 100kmh).

Broken battery...(judging by Henx posture in the background I think Pelle's sporty broke down a lot).

Broken conrod...(Ola, Eskil MC, created a crazy "Norton Lamp" the hard way by letting the conrod clean up the case and rip straight thru the front downtube while at it).
Broken Norton...(Pelle's Cafe Racer seized up big time, the only oil left on the bike was found in the rear rim).
Broken Beemer...(nah, can't be? Impossible, or?! My brother Daf, on the right, is truly shocked! So is Jessica too, on the left).
Broken turntable... (some Rebel thought it was a grand idea to bring a record player to the Music Festival).

Broken something... (or another on my Tri, anyway, it was after the x-mas run 20 years ago almost to the day).

Broken clutch lever...(and, oh right, nose).

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