Friday, December 7, 2012

Gotland Ring Locals

The Birds R1 in mind boggling 3D Black Gaffa Tape edition. Birds formula consists of: highside -tape it up- highside -tape it up- highside...he claims that the frame is still straight as an arrow. Right...
Janne's grand Yam 2-stroke 350 something redneck-backyard-build, run on some weird moonshine-ish liquid: putting us all to shame! Normally on an R6...but more so on this thing. I usually try to take a break when he enters the course. To save me the embarrassment of being every sense.

Johnny Woodslider, giving it all down the back-hill on his '98 ZX6R. To see this guy ride is such a trip. He blew more then one Pro away. Epic smooth, epic fast. Some good stories: since I also ride a ZX6R I asked for some suspension settings...he told me his is just fully tuned in. Since I didn't geddit I checked his preload, rebound etc...just to find every screw  turned fully...IN. Priceless! Another anecdote: I once overheard this guy asking Johnny for tire advice, Johnny calmly answered in his deep-down-south accent: "Tires? Weeell...I usually pull my tires out of the dumpster over there." Johnny fuckin' rules the Ring. Respect!
Cool local tho.
Tony Tooth. Old R6 in saucy Spider-man graphics. Super fast. Super hardcore. Can ride the Ring in the dark. Once I asked for some riding tips. He told me: "Just try to ride fast longer and brake hard shorter." Yea...right...

Bird taught me the basic tricks-of-the-trade-of-the-track. He got me hooked. He still thinks I ride like a sissy tho. In his opinion you gotta highside at least 2-3 times a year...or you did not really explore the boundaries. I'm ok with that...

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