Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Saucy true-to-fact Street Race Stories! At Bro "Raceway", Gotland '91 and '92.

Jony vs. Hoas in -91. Jony (SUGG MC) won.

Agge's gnarly Pan vs. Jony's badass Stroker Shovel -91. (Jony won).
Johan's V-Max gettin' smoked by Jony's Stroker in -91. See the pattern here?

Hakan from Keff MC showing the crowd how to get it done! That sprocket was the mother of all sprockets!

The rules were, there were no rules. You ride to the ride in the race. Think Hakan ended up 2nd in -92?
Agge (Keff MC) getting nailed by Johans Evo in -92. Or? Happy-Sven is the trusty starter.

Me and my 80" flattie getting thoroughly smoked by Johans Evo!

Think most of the time Jony (SUGG MC) won the cup...his big bore/stroker shovel just ruled! So strong! Just didn't give anyone nuthin'! And the cops never bothered to show to congratulate. Good times!

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