Friday, December 28, 2012

Mysterious SoCal Bellytank

Everyone refused to tell us anything about this superkool Bellytank at Chips place...

The most awesome airbrush I've ever seen! And I have seen a lot. Seriously. The folds and wrinkles, the tears and tapes...all airbrush. Dru Blair did it...hats off!

Chips original Art Center model, done for a Chrysler sponsor project in 8th term,  that heavily inspired the crew that later did the Prowler.

Walle and my buddy Thrass outside Chip's. I read about Walle & Kalle, Jonny & Jarmo in swe magz like Wheels way back in the early -80's. They were all part of the SoCal Hot Rod scene, as well as part of the original crew at Boyd's. Walle probably laid his hands on pretty much every showcar that came out of Boyd's and Chip's place. We fall to our knees...

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