Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Erik's sweet Fix

 Just hooked up with ol' time bud Fix-it-Erik who just had his killer bobber featured in MCM!

Erik always rode the shit outta the stuff he built! If it has two wheels it gotta be whipped! That's just how he rolls.

Dig this: it ain't no ol' Milwaukee tractor! This scoot has KTM 18/21 wheel combo, carbed 1670cc Wildstar motor cradled in parts of a -40's flathead frame, all chopped, bobbed, bent and soldered to perfection!


All the pics were shot by Stefan Boman! Big up's!

Attaboy! This is how we do it back home!


  1. See you all here in Orsa on the ice.

    Swedens bonneville on ice.

    1. Erik,
      I was hoping I could ask you a few questions about the right side chain drive setup as I am making a hardtail bobber out of my 2007 Roadstar 1700 and would love to know what sprockets and chain you are running.