Monday, February 11, 2013

Child of the Seventies. Part 2.

More photografic Glory from Don Cammorata! Don grew up on two wheels, making the streets unsafe around Oakland, NorCal. Such a trip! Epic pics Don!
"My first chopper - laid down ape hangers and a sissy bar, looking at it now I quite like the white seat with the knobby rear tire! First bike no training wheels I think."

"My first motorbike - Notice the missing rear tailight lens, I remember I used to pop it into first gear with the throttle slightly cracked to try and get it to do a wheelie... I always looped-it hanging on with my hands and chasing it down the street for a while... We never bothered replacing the rear light, lucky it had the grab handle crash-bar on the back to keep the seat from getting too thrashed!"

"The first and last snow ever seen in Danville - My Yamaha Moto-Bike... I loved that thing! ultimately I ended up braking the frame at the steerer tube from jumping it too much =( I held the record in the court for jumping over the most kids (13) They would line up in their backs, brother was the last one. Crazy stupid shit when you think about it, no helmet, nothing protective at all, huge consequences for all of us doing it if we fucked up. Too many Evel Knievel movies!"

"BMX days in the hills above Oakland... thinking this was a Chrome Molly Mongoose? Man I wish I had a head of hair like that now!"

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