Friday, February 8, 2013

Child of the Seventies. Part 1.

Here's a bunch of absolutely Glorious photos from fellow motorcycle designer Don Cammorata! Don grew up riding righteous iron in the Nevada desert, together with these two Kool Kats he called parents. Such a badass childhood! I got such a kick out of these pics. And there is more to come. Mega thanks for sharing Don!
"Mom and dad on their Kawees - Ma had a 125 and dad a 250... She didn't
like riding all that much =))"

"Some where out in the desert outside of camp on the 90"
"...big sand hill that used to scare the shit out of me coming back down."

"Our camp track - Camp was killer, right next to a big river with
tons of shade and partying parents... "

"Looks like a VW bus in the
background? Classic!"


  1. Who ever has seen Don playing in the dirt, now knows where it comes from ;-).Whish something like that would have been possible in germany too... Thanks for sharing - Volker

  2. Always thought I had a great childhood. Obviously there would have been potential. E