Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sin-Steeped Sickle Savages: SUGG MC 1990's

It's 1991 and we had just moved in to the old garage behind the local BP gas station. I think we were like 16 bikes including 3 trikes. Cosy chaos...
 Henx: barely 18 and proud owner of a righteous pre-unit Triumph chop: Smokin'!
 Petter turning some serious shit on the funkiest old lathe I have ever seen: that machine must have been like 100 years old, rattly like an overcrowded Old Folks Home and gearing was changed with an old Volvo gearbox...

Rundby tuning his 450 Black Bomber motor. Note: it takes a lot of character to upbear a neon pink hat. Heroic! Cudos!

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