Thursday, November 8, 2012

Plebs Choppers on Facebook!

Plebs Choppers now on Facebook!
No psalm singing citizen! Choppis on his Dollar Sullivan chop in  -83. Legendary combo!

Benna: Sin Steeped Juvenile Delinquent.
Benna on his -61 Triumph featuring 750 Morgo and double Amal carbs.

Choppis in -91: explains the grand splendor of his Wild Angel Pan to one most understanding Constable.

Plebs -89.  Knees in the breeze, getting rid of the fleas. Dodgy gearhead geezers!
Billy in the wind on his shovel chop in -89.

Ronnas Shovelpanknuck  in -91: knuckle heads with pan cylinders and shovel cases, fed by an  S&S L. Epic.
Billy's bitchin' chop:  23" over, suicide clutch, jockey shift and no frontbrake. Dope for the real man and good for your sixpack!

Billy just taking off, after thorouglhy arguing to the Highway Patrol why a lack of front retardation device is a healthy sign of pure youthful bravado, satisfying only the utmost of the custom chopper craving crowd.

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