Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lightning shifts and speedy takeoffs!

Found this bad baby B&H combo back home in Sweden in -89 or -90...
...bought it, restored it and right away hooked up my 80" flattie to the grand device.

Some of  these following pages surfaced when I was looking for stuff  in a chop-shop outside NY in the early -90's...
...turned out to be a complete manual with blueprints and parts list...

...I xeroxed it all: some 30 pages of saucy true-to-fact stories!
Since many years my ol' B&H has a new home: the Hunter is the careful curator of this mechanical metallic marvel and it's gracing his Dynamite-of-Danger sweet Pan, which he pieced together in the early -90's. The bike is pure dope and sports replica S&S dual carb heads, fed by dual linkerts which are in turn protected by Roth deflectors. XA springer up front is handled by Flanders risers and bars. The bike is built to be a kinda replica class C racer. Even gearbox is raised by 1" and oilbag chopped accordingly for that lean-angle kraving powersliding style.


  1. Hey friend! What's the bike that is in your header above? Looks like a shovel with sportbike parts? ISR rear brake, oil in swingarm?

  2. Yup, that's my bike...the Forsaken...or actually was. Sold it about a year ago. More pics will come=)