Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Wicked Wonder Hammer

I was in bad need of a little I built one out of a 40 buck Tigersaw and some old junk.

In every project it is of utmost importance to start with a very detailed drawing so you can carefully plan every step of the construction phase in order to avoid costly mistakes.
As seen here, constructing the mainframe would have been short of impossible without that first sketch....

 First test revealed some stability problems with the mainframe.

But with a sturdy reinforcement  added, stability was achieved.

Second test. Feel the awesome Power!

Tools of the Trade. Seriously now...I should fuckin' be ashamed of that drawing!

Shit waiting to be beaten' up...

 Forsaken Industries proudly present the Wicked Wonder Hammer in all it's pride and glory. Not as strong as Thor's Mjölner...but twice as fast. "It ain't the meat, it's the movement",  like Eddi Rich sang.
Hope Jesse won't see this...he will call me a wimp: compared to his powerhammers this thing is more like a small annoying gnome...

 But it works purty good. Plus it has a cool sticker!

And it's powered by Akra! I's hard to believe....

Dirty deed, done dirt cheap!


  1. I like the "hard-holydown-strap" at the on/off switch that continues the power without thinking about stopping end even though your beard had been sucked in to the forsaken fan.

  2. You are the true Mcgyver!
    Cool, is it working ok?
    Lets see some parts you worked on.