Monday, March 18, 2013

Longforks Rule

Mashed Kidneys MC: Peder's insanely badass ultimate longfork/fat cartire combo. His girlfriends TriChop in the background. Pic must be from mid -80's

Sick trick Trike littered with hard-to-get shit. Don't remember the dude's name...was it Mike?  Think it was built in the hood of Eskilstuna in the early -90's.


  1. I think its Blommans (Micke Blomkvist) old trike from "Flacksta Fuckers", later Lyan Choppers just outside of Eskilstuna.

  2. I have an article on this trike in an old mag,, but i have hundreds of old mags in my attic ,,maybe time to dig it out still vcool today

  3. Mike is correct not Blomqvist though and it’s posted in a 1989 issue