Thursday, May 16, 2013

Robin Eales Cafe Beemer

 Fellow Munich'er Robin Eales just completed a good ol' lookin' Beemer Cafe Racer!

 "The bike was build by my friend Helge. It is based on a BMW R100RS which was taken apart completely. After powdercoating frame and rims it was put back together with all the good parts available, Scherb sports pegs, Hoske pipes, Dellortos, WBO fuel Tank, etc."

"It goes like stink and to me it is the perfect cafe racer. I am half British (dad), half German (Mum) and was born in Munich. So this BMW Cafe Racer combines everything for me, the British Rock culture as well as fine German Engineering, best of both worlds: )"

Thanks Rob, for the tasty pics!

1 comment:

  1. hey Rob

    How can i contact you? I have the same faring (habermann) and I'm curious how this faring is fitted.

    Kind regards, David - Brussels